"I was fortunate to have been given my start in custom home building by one of the finest craftsman in New England." – John Shahzad

John Shahzade, Frankel’s partner and principal at Frankel Homes, has been building custom homes for 35 years. Shahzade’s building career started in 1980 on Martha’s Vineyard working with one of the premier island builders.  “I learned the business with my hands first, from frame to finish.  In 1982 John received his General Contractor’s license and built his own successful building company on Martha’s Vineyard.


Building on the island allowed Shahzade to be involved in the design-build process of more than 100 custom homes.  In 1993, Shahzade moved to Florida where he continued his career in custom home construction.  Over the last 22 years in South Florida, Shahzade has been involved in the construction of more than 150 custom waterfront, oceanfront and private-parcel projects.  “ I believe my passion for perfection, along with tireless execution, has enabled me to be involved with the many unique projects and opportunities I’ve had over the last 35 years, and I look forward to the challenging projects we at Frankel Estate Homes will have in the future, “ says John.